If you are using Wi-Fi Extender or repeater to extend WiFi (also known as WDS Bridging) and your wifi extender is not connecting to internet, You need to follow these troubleshooting steps to fix it.

1. Make sure that your Wi-Fi extender or repeater is in the range of your AP Wi-Fi (Modem, Internet box, Dsl or whichever device your are using). If your Wi-Fi extender is not getting strong signals, It will not be able to extend the signal and you will not get internet access on your devices.

2. Put your Modem / Router on a fix wireless channel. In case of auto, your router will keep on changing the channel everytime it reboots. If it changes the channel, Wifi extender might not be able to connect back to the router and you will not be able to connect to internet.

3. Check if your wireless router’s SSID is same. If the SSID is changed, Extender will loose connection from router and will loose internet access. If SSID is changes, you need to setup your extender again.

4. While setting up extender, use same channel, password, band and same security mode. If any of these details are different, Extender will not get internet access from router. Choose same region and bandwidth for a better connection. However Its not required to use same SSID. You can choose any SSID you want for your extender.

5. Check and update the firmware of your router and extender. It can solve the internet connectivity problem.

6. Check the internet connection on your router as well. Sometime problem can be from ISP side.

7. Sometimes your router is not able to assign an IP address to your extender. In those cases, Try resetting your router and start setup again.