TP-Link Powerline product is a wired or wireless network expansion device. With the help of your home’s existing electrical circuitry, it can extend Internet access throughout your home.

TP-Link is a router brand that has put a dent in the world of router products. It’s right to say that it has completely revolutionized the router market. One of the most amazing TP-Link router brands is TP-Link AC750 dual band router. It has outstanding features. 

750 mbps is the speed of the wireless router. This router is a perfect fit for your home and your office as well. Setting up the TP-Link AC750 router is as easy as having tea.

In this article we will tell you how you can set up a TP Link ac750 router.

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First of all, keep the router in the right place for a good connection. Don’t keep your router in a place where there is powerful electromagnetic interference. Also you need to avoid placing your router in a heat.


Steps to Setup TP Link AC750 Router:


Step 1: 

Turn your modem off and remove the battery back up.


Step 2: 

After that, Connect the Ethernet wire to your router’s WAN port.


Step 3: 

Now, turn on your router and wait for at least 2 minutes after rebooting it.


Step 4: 

Then, Connect your router to the power source.

For starting the setup you need to connect your computer system to the router. 



Perform the entire setup procedure using a wired connection. Disconnect your router from the power source.

Okay, now connect one end of the Ethernet wire to the router and the other end to the computer system. you need to enter the SSID and password if you want to have a wireless connection. 

Check behind the router, these names and passwords are printed at their back. 

We will begin the configuration process that can be done by opening the internet browser and entering the IP address in the location bar of the browser.

When you click on the search icon, the internet-based setup page of the router will open up.


Now, Follow these steps

Step 1: 

First, Select the IP protocol automatically and dynamically to acquire the IP address on your system.

Step 2: 

Visit the setup page of your TP-Link router. 

Step 3:

Enter admin in both the username as well as the password section.

Step 4: 

After logging in, you will see a pop up screen where you have to choose the setup option.

Step 5: 

If you want to set up your router immediately, select the type of connection. 

But If you can’t decide, you can select auto-detect. And then, there will be a page where you need to enter further details.

Step 6: 

At last you need to enter the network name and password as well. 

Then, you need to enter the type of security that you are going to use. It’s always recommended to choose WPA2 personally.

Step 7: 

Now you can see the settings that you have selected. Save that setting.  


Now you have completed the process to TP Link AC750 Router setup. 



We have covered all the steps to ‘TP Link AC750 Router setup’. Hope you understand how easy it is to set up a TP-Link AC750 router. But if still you have any doubt feel free to contact us on the TP link Support Page. We will be happy to help you.