It’s going to be a major problem if the tp-link extender does not at all function. To make sure you have a working network connection, follow these simple steps. After configuring your router, connect the extender halfway between the router and the Wi-Fi to boost coverage and signal strength in the network. Your modem must be able to communicate with the location you choose.

Procedure for establishing a connection to the internet

In most cases, if you follow the guidelines in the Quick Start Guide or the User Guide, you should be able to access the internet after your range extender is configured. The procedures given below may help to determine whether the tp-link extender not working or not and to ensure the range extender is configured to get the strongest signal.

⦁ There should be no flickering of the signal LED lights
When a range extender establishes a connection with a router, a Signal LED light is activated on the device, the light displayed may vary between extenders depending upon the type of the router. When your range extender has successfully connected to your wireless network, the Signal LED light will stay constant regardless of the colour it is.

⦁ The Internet should be working normally right now
⦁ Using the password you set for the extender, log in to or in your web browser.

⦁ For further information about your extender’s internet connection status, go to Settings > Status. If all of the following prerequisites are satisfied, then extenders may be joined to your routers

⦁ Your gadgets may be able to connect to the Internet.

To use the extender, you must first connect it to your network through wireless means. As long as you have an internet connection on all of your devices, you have successfully connected your extender to your router.

For better signal strength and connectivity

The Signal LED lights on your range extender may be used to ensure that your extender is in the best possible location, although even the types of lights may differ from one extender to the next. The signal strength of a range extender is indicated by the colour or number of Signal LEDs that are flashed. If your modem has a red LED light on it, you should relocate it closer to the router to enhance the quality of your internet connection.

If the tp-link extender not connecting to internet correctly even after completing the above procedures, you may try rebooting it. All that is required is that you switch off the tp-link extender for around 5 minutes before turning it back on. Some of the smaller issues will have already been resolved as a result of this. If the issue continues, you might try doing a hard reset on your computer. Try to hold the reset button for 20 seconds with the assistance of the long sharp-pointed item; by this time, the tp-link should have been reset and the device will begin to boost. Using this method, the majority of the issues will be fixed, and your device will be connected to the internet.