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Get Started With Trendnet Router Technical Support

 Are you facing any problem in setting up your Router or Extender?

We are here to help. Our Expert Professionals are ready to help you in your Router Setup. Just Call our Toll Free Number or chat with us to quickly resolve any problem with your Router/Extender.

New Router/Extender Setup

We provide New Router/Extender Installation and Setup Service.

Recover Password

Our Expert Professionals helps you to recover your router and wifi password.

Firmware Update

For old routers, Firmware needs to update. We’ll help to update the firmware of your Router.

Wifi Drop Problem

If your Wifi Keeps Dropping, Contact us, We'll fix it Contact Us Now Call Now

New Router Setup

We Will Setup and Configure New Router for you. Contact Us Now Call Now

Router Firmware Update

We will help you to update your Router Firmware Contact Us Now Call Now

Router Troubleshooting

We Will Troubleshoot your Router for any kind of problem. Contact Us Now Call Now

We Fix All Types of Routers and Extenders
If you are facing frequent Router problems that is affecting your workflow, it is time you take our help. We have solved the toughest of Router issues with innovative solutions. Resolve your Netgear, Dlink, Trendnet, Belkin Router issues with our Online customer support for Router problems.
Quick & Convenient Troubleshooting Process
Professional Technicians
Router Firmware Update
Fix Sudden drops in wifi
Steps For Troubleshooting
Your Device
Call our Helpline Number

Explain the Issue

We'll troubleshoot your device

Solutions to the Router Problems
Troubleshoot all your Router problems with expert advice from our Technical experts. Our Router solutions are cost-effective and personalized. So if you are facing a host of Router issues like overheating of your Router, limited wireless signals, or environmental factors that is lowering your Router productivity, do not hesitate to take our advice.

Our solutions are Router specific and will help you to carry on with your office or personal work without any hassles.

So if you are facing annoying and recurring Router problems like network errors, changed security settings, or slow internet access, just give us a call. We offer prompt, customer-friendly, smart solutions that will restore your Router functioning and speed up your internet connections.

Avg. Time Of Repair
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Devices Fixed Monthly
Read FAQ’s
Your all questions are answered here about our services.

How much time it’ll take to fix router?

Time is totally depend upon the severity of the problem. Usually we troubleshoot most of the issues in 30 minutes.

Which types of Routers you work with?

We work with all types of Routers from all the Brands. For e.g. Belkin, Netgear, Linksys, Apple, Arris, Asus, Motorola, D-link, Tenda, Tp-link etc

Will I lose my personal data while fixing router?

No, You will not lose any of your data from your phone or computer.

What is the Service Gurantee?

We take the full guarantee of our work. We will first fix the issue with the router. We will only charge you once you’ll be completely satisfy with our services.

Will I lose my wifi password while fixing router?

In Some cases, we need to reset your router. After reset, you can set your own new password or you can also set the previous password for your wifi.

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    Most common Router problems
    Sudden drop in wifi connections
    You may face a sudden Router crash or drop in wifi connections. This problem can be taken care of by resetting the router by pressing the Reset button at the back with a pin or clip.
    Forgotten password
    If you cannot recall your Router password there is no need to panic. You can set a new password to Linksys, Belkin, or Netgear Routers by pressing the Reset button to factory defaults.
    Router overloading
    our Router may get overloaded or overheated while downloading large files and using multiple devices at the same time. Sometimes overheating may also lead to random shutting down of the Router.
    Backdated firmware
    If you have not upgraded your Router Firmware for quite some time then you are in for trouble. You will experience a sudden drop in internet connection in the midst of important work.
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    What our Clients Says
    I was facing trouble because of Router problems. I missed deadlines and was on the receiving end of my employer. I decided to take their help for my troublesome Router and I am so satisfied with their prompt service. My Router is back to normal and I can complete all my work without delays.
    Nicholas MartinOur Customer
    Expert service, cost-effective and timely is all I can say about their online support for Router issues. I was facing serious problems with my Belkin Router as my firmware was not updated. There were random connection drops that affected my workflow. I called them for help and now my Router problems have been solved.
    Jonathan RolonOur Customer
    I tried to change the security password of my HP Router without any success. Someone suggested their service and I am glad that I took their help. Now I can change my Router password anytime for better security. I shall definitely call them again if I face any Router issues in the future.
    Corina RogersOur Customer
    Quick & Affordable Router Troubleshooting
    Our Expert Professionals provide quick and cost effective Router Troubleshooting Service